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Condo Amenities: Need ‘em or Not?

May 15, 2013 - Updated: September 2, 2013

Many condos today are starting to resemble luxury resorts - pools, spas, basketball courts, party rooms, day cares, gyms - you name it, a Toronto condo probably has it. Another reason they resemble these rich getaways is because they all sound great on paper, but are they practical?
Think of your last trip to an all-inclusive resort. On the website it probably boasted about their full gyms, cardio areas, yoga studios, spa, volleyball court and movie theatre.

You were probably sold - there’s tons to do! So you brought your gym clothes, your yoga mat and your will power.

Now think about how many times you hit the gym or took part in that free yoga class taught by Eduardo... none probably.
Let’s take a look at a few amenities offered by many new condos springing up in Toronto to see if there are any you really couldn’t live without.

The Amenities
24-hour Concierge: Hands-down one of the most necessary amenities a condo can offer. Beyond the friendly chit chat in the morning, this offers a sense of security and safety. While it will affect your maintenance costs, it’s well worth the money.  
Gym: This one’s up in the air. You might find it convenient to work out in your building, but think about what you really want. Do you thrive off that GoodLife culture, need special machines or will you even use it?
Rooftop Terrace: Bare in mind that it needs to offer a BBQ and a killer view. It can be a great amenity when you think about entertaining, grilling up steak or enjoying drinks while taking in the skyline. They also provide a bit of fairly private outdoor space for you, when you want it.
Party Room: Make sure you’re getting a good deal - it has to have a full kitchen, TVs, sitting areas and not a huge cost to book. They can get expensive to rent for bigger gatherings. Also think about how many times you would opt for a party room over your own unit.
Pool: Here’s where it can get away from the necessary amenities and into the frills. A pool sounds great and looks inviting, but keep in mind there’s a hefty maintenance fee to keep it operating.
Movie Theatre: Another one of those amenities that sounds cool - but if you’re living in the core odds are you’re close to a real movie theatre and if you opt to stay home, isn’t your bed a better choice?
Basketball Court: This is one of those ones where you need to think about money. This costs the corporation big fees, which are passed along to you. So, if you’re not playing 2-3 times a week, it’s probably not a good investment, Jordan.
Amenities are great, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need everything. Remember, it all sounds great on paper and when you’re bragging to your friends, but your monthly maintenance costs will reflect the types of frills you have. Rather than being drawn in by all the bells and whistles, think about your lifestyle and unit first.
Most importantly, talk to your real estate agent and get an objective point of view.



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