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The Spring Clean

May 15, 2013


Whether you're preparing to sell your home, just moved in or aren't planning on going anywhere anytime soon, spring cleaning is the annual ritual we all love to hate. It's one of those chores that we'll put off until we can't put it off any longer. The funny thing is, when we finally get around to doing it, we're always happy that we did.
Spring cleaning - although despised by many and avoided like the plague - is a perfect opportunity to get uncluttered, organized and your home looking like a home again.
Those dark corners of our home aren't anything to fear. Sure, we've neglected them for months, but I'm positive it can't be THAT bad. Here's some places to start with and kick start your spring clean:
1. Baseboards and Trim: These parts of your home are often forgotten. Some may not even know what baseboards are. But once you find them and wash them, it will make a difference.
2. Walls and Ceilings: Dust and built up dirt on these big surfaces can make any home look dark and dingy. Taking a cloth to them will make your home warmer, brighter and a whole lot more inviting.
3. Windows and Screens: Removing your screens and cleaning the glass from the inside and out with bleach water will make a huge difference and bring a lot of light into your home.
4. Floors: Getting down on your hands and knees and doing some scrubbing to remove the scuffs, marks and built up dirt is one of the easiest ways to make a big impact. Think...no more stepping on crumbs or kicking around dust.
5. Smells B'Gone: Check your drip tray underneath your fridge, wash out any standing water, and take soap to your microwave, oven and those hard to reach places. These are those tough-to-clean spots that are easily forgotten and can leave terrible odors. Take this opportunity to get your place smelling like a home again, not a frat house.
6. Garage: It's time to get the lawn mower out, store your Christmas lights, drag out the patio furniture and do a good sweep before you open the garage door to the world (remember, it's been dark in there for a few months).

7. Garden and Patio: One of the best parts of the spring and summer is patio season. This is your chance to clean up your patio or deck, pull out your BBQ and set up the loungers so you can enjoy the warm weather.

8. Basement: This is often the spot where many people store things - a way to keep them out of sight, which ALWAYS leads to "out of mind". Be brave. Instead of relocating items, do a purge and taken things to Goodwill if you're never going to use them. A basement is added square-footage, so instead of making it all about junk, get some added space back in your home!

Most importantly, good luck!


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Jason Shaw Sales Representative

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